Food & Drink

We have achieved the Gold Standard Healthy Snack Award from Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, sponsored by the Welsh Government.  We have also achieved the Gold Award in the Designed To Smile initiative of NHS Wales in which every child is issued with their own toothbrush and encouraged to brush their teeth after snack time.


We provide a daily, healthy snack to all children. However if your child has a special dietary need you will need to provide refreshments that meet their specific requirements. 


Milk For ChildrenEvery child at every session is provided with a third of a pint of milk funded by the Welfare Food Reimbursement Unit and no cost to parents. Parents who wish their children to have an alternative drink to milk or water will need to arrange to provide it themselves.


Drinking water is freely available to all children at every session.

Marborough Nursery

Children to be escorted to Marlborough School Nursery should bring with them a packed lunch, labelled with their name.  The packed luch will be stored using ice packs to keep food fresh until required.